Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moose's Tooth

January 30, 2011...our favorite restaurant in Anchorage, Moose's Tooth.

After a week break from the blog, we are back. I went out of town for the week and intended on trying to maintain the blog but found it too difficult...not to mention it probably wouldn't be very interesting following what I was ordering at restaurants. Now that I'm back and dinners are being planned again, we decided to eat out one more time before we start cooking again.

So after a long day of working, I stopped by the Tooth. It is one of my favorite past times, ordering a pizza and having a cold one while it's being made.

Probably the worst picture I've taken yet... but I guess I was pretty hungry at this point and wasn't holding the camera steady enough.

It is, no doubt, the best pizza I've ever had. I really do love Moose's Tooth pizza! This one was a Chicken Ranch. Lisa has started enjoying the All American...but I still can't get over the Chicken Ranch. SOOOOOO good.

Guaranteed if you come visit us, we will take you out to the Moose's Tooth!!

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